Nevada HVAC Salary Information

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians are journeymen who are skilled and trained at tackling all aspects of the climate control sector. They install, repair and maintain systems that provide heating, cooling, and ventilation and they do so in all types of settings: home residences, office buildings, skyscrapers, schools, hospitals, and just about any other type of building that needs climate control. HVAC technicians can acquire formal education through trade schools and other programs that offer 6 month to 2 year curriculums. There are other ways that a person could get into the HVAC field besides attending a Nevada HVAC school, for instance through an apprenticeship program or doing HVAC training informally and unofficially by their employer. Requirements vary from state to state, so taking some time to look into the HVAC education and training requirements in Nevada would be prudent for those wishing to enter into the field, or who are considering enrolling in an HVAC school.

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Likewise, would-be HVAC technicians should look into the Nevada HVAC license and certification requirements to ensure that their paths cross with the proper licensure and certification that it takes to work professionally in the HVAC field after their schooling is completed.

HVAC Technician Earnings:

One job seeking site recently reported that the average salary of a Nevada HVAC technician is $34,000. However another salary information website stated that the salary for an HVAC technician can be very diverse in the state of Nevada due to different populations of cities and the general competitiveness of the job market in certain areas. The salary website estimated that in Carson City, HVAC technicians earn a median of $42,522, while HVAC technicians working in Las Vegas are making a touch less at $40,993 median per year. The estimates for Reno, Nevada stated that technicians on the low end of the salary scale are making about $29,864 and those who are making the most money earn roughly $55,000 annually.

As of today when I checked Craigslist, HVAC positions were hiring for up to $30/hour in different parts of Nevada. One Las Vegas air conditioning company offered bonuses and commission opportunities, 401(k), company truck, and health insurance. Another posting near Las Vegas was paying between $15-22 per hour, based on past experience. Most of the postings looking for an HVAC technician near Las Vegas offered compensation based on experience.

Nevada HVAC technicians should expect to have to be somewhat flexible while working in the HVAC field. For starters, there is a vast amount of different types of work sites and locations that a technician could work at. An HVAC technician in Sparks, Nevada might find himself working in residential homes while another HVAC tech in Reno works mainly on commercial buildings such as shopping malls and factories. Then again, a Boulder City, Nevada technician might work in more public institutions like schools and hospitals. All of these types of buildings are in need of climate control.

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A technician might find himself working at a different location on a regular basis, or sticking to one at a time. It simply depends on the job, or the company that you’re working with. Nevada HVAC technicians should be prepared to travel around during a normal workday to different job sites if they are making service calls. However if they are involved in a long-term project, such as a new casino going up on Las Vegas that is expected to take several years to complete, an HVAC tech’s location might not change for several weeks or even months. Also, while technicians working in the HVAC field typically can expect to work indoors, there are times when they will have jobs or tasks that require them to work outside. Being flexible to work outdoors, especially in Nevada’s changing climate of high high’s and low low’s, comes with the territory. Someone who enjoys change of scenery, or likes a work environment where no two days are the same, might thrive in the Nevada HVAC field.

In terms of hours that a Nevada HVAC technician should expect to work, 40 is the typical number. The job searching sites I’ve checked for Nevada like Indeed and Career Builder generally post HVAC jobs in Henderson, Sparks, Las Vegas and Reno for full-time, or 40 hours per week. However that could change if there are deadlines that must be met, or during peak seasons. In these cases, HVAC techs might take on irregular hours like night shifts and/or weekends, and could find themselves working overtime.

One job posting I found today on Simply Hired for an HVAC technician near Reno, for a heating and AC company, listed as a requirement that any HVAC applicants must be flexible to work overtime as needed. Another ad near Henderson, Nevada stated the same. So it’s also wise to consider that although hours will generally be predictable, being flexible could be imperative during peak season, to hit deadlines, or simply based on the company you’ll be working for. In these instances, time and a half would be the likely rate for HVAC technicians who are working more than 40 hours in a given week. I saw one job being advertised near Tahoe, Nevada that offered $16 per hour plus time and a half for hours worked Saturday, and double-time for hours worked on Sundays. Generally, the beginning of heating and cooling seasons are busiest, along with episodes of extreme weather—such as a record-shattering heat wave during a Las Vegas summer, or a Carson City streak of ice storms in January.

HVAC Job Market in Nevada:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) projects a strong outlook for the HVAC industry, anticipating that it will grow roughly 21% over the ten-year period from 2012 to 2022. According to Riley Guide, currently there are 50 HVAC jobs in Carson City, NV and the pay ranges from $31,000-$67,000. Calculating the BLS’ outlook, that number will have risen to just over 60 jobs in another 8-10 years. In Las Vegas, there is an estimated 960 HVAC jobs currently earning from $29,000-$75,000. By the same token, by 2022 Las Vegas will have approximately 1161 HVAC jobs. Likewise Reno, with 360 HVAC jobs making $33,000-$62,000, will have grown to housing 435 HVAC jobs in the next decade.

The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration (ACHR) News predicts big growth for the HVAC industry based partially on an upswing of new buildings being seen in the past couple of years, and the Nevada Business journal reported that more consumers are spending money on retail goods and spending jumped from 4-6% in the past year. Likewise, in 2012, Las Vegas hosted a record-breaking 39.7 million visitors which spiked the gaming revenue up to over $9 billion. The journal also reported that Southern Nevada has been experiencing increased demand for commercial as well as residential real estate, and further, that home prices are up 50% from only 1.5 years ago. Lastly, the report stated that in late 2013, Nevada retailers and storeowners have been looking at expansion. Since part of the HVAC job outlook includes new buildings being built which would require installation of climate control systems, the success of the housing market and tourism can certainly have an impact on future HVAC job outlook.

One large project that is taking off near Reno, Nevada is Tesla’s new factory. Ground was broken in late July for what will be a $5 billion battery plant for the electric car-making company. This “gigafactory” is slated to open up roughly 6,500 jobs, according to Bloomberg. Industrial projects such as this one, along with continued expansion from tourism in Las Vegas, could contribute to the overall growth in jobs for HVAC technicians in Nevada.